Reading in 2017

If you by chance stumbled across my Goodreads page, you’ll realize that my Want-to-Read shelf is really long. As in quadruple digits long.

I’m not ashamed of it. I like to read across many different genres, and my interest gets peaked very easily (read: I’m a sucker for books).

However, my wandering eye for books does mean I am easily tempted by new releases and forget to go back and look at what I wanted to read a month, two months, or two years ago.

So in 2017, I’m making a goal to pick up those books from long ago and use them as a window into the pat me. It would be fascinating, personally, to see if the same things still interest me or whether I’ve found new obsessions.

And because I’m competitive and slightly obsessive about making lists and checking items off said lists, I’m also going to participate in the following reading challenges in 2017. Some of the tasks overlap between challenges, so I’ll make it easy on myself and say I can use the same book for different challenges.

#LitsyAtoZ on Litsy (my handle there is BooksAtNight), basically asking me to read enough authors to have the initial of their last name fill the alphabet.

Litsy Reading Challenge, which is reminiscent of the Books on the Nightstand Summer Bingo event. You get a card with various challenges, and try to make BINGO.

Book Riot’s 2017 Read Harder Challenge, which is 24 tasks designed by the awesome creators over at Book Riot. And this year they have tasks by author friends. So excited and so terrified of some of them.

Pop Sugar 2017 Reading Challenge, which is 52 tasks designed to make you go mad.

Random Roulette of Books – this is a reading challenge my friend, who goes by Grasy on the Bookternets, and I came up with. We randomly selected 24 books from our growing TBR pile on Goodreads, and will endeavor to read them in 2017.

I’m also slowly working on the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge and the Gollancz Fantasy Masterworks list, but those two are very long term projects. If I were to complete them in 2017, please know that I have used a Time Turner.

Oh, and Grasy and I also do a monthly Wild Magic pick (which is basically where she picks a book for me and vice versa) and we’re also going to make an honest effort at reading all the free eBook of the month. Posts on those books will be found over at our shared blog Castle Dune.