Litsy Reading Challenge

In addition to the #LitsyAtoZ challenge, I’m also going to try and do the Litsy Reading Challenge. There’s no good way to link the challenge except for the Goodreads group here. Everyone has the same 24 tasks, they’re just arranged differently on the Bingo card.

I have 24 tasks and will try to do what I did for the Books on the Night Stand Bingo – which is be overly ambitious and fill every single square.

  • Multiple perspectives
  • Written by someone your age
  • Set in Africa
  • Set in the 1970s
  • Published 10 years ago
  • Freezer worthy horror
  • On TBR > 1 year
  • About immigration
  • 2016 award winner
  • More than 400 pages
  • Recommended by ___
  • With “Girl(s)” in the title
  • Nonfiction about food/drink
  • Based on a historical event
  • With an LGBTQ relationship
  • Judge a book by the cover
  • By an indie publisher
  • From the “Rory Gilmore” reading challenge list
  • Starts with “Z”
  • Person of color memoir
  • Written by a woman of color
  • Translated from another language
  • About music/theater
  • Takes place over 150 years ago