The Reader

Age: Twenty-something.

Occupation: Perpetual student gradually losing her mind to schoolwork and research.

I’ve realized that my occupation pretty much sums up my life for the six years. I enjoy the process for the most part, but there were certain days when I needed to find an out. Some of my friends cope by running, playing ball, blasting music, or killing avatars in creative ways online.

Me? I tried running and could never run fast enough to suit my own competitive streak (totally blaming my small feet for that). Playing ball? If you count as getting whacked by every type of ball imaginable, then I guess I had fun? Blasting music just resulted in me accumulating more CDs than I had shelf space for. And I was never going to be good at video games. Confession: I have yet to finish a video game. Nope, not even Epic Mickey on Wii. And Resident Evil? Still stuck at the first checkpoint. 

So I turned to books. Big books, small books, books on murder, romance books – everything I could get my hands on from the library, I wanted to read. My Goodreads TBR list grew astronomically: authors led me to new authors, librarians recommended books, and then I discovered the wonderful world of Booktubers. And then the website. And the rest was history.

While I read a lot, I have a harder time talking about the books I read. So this is me challenging myself: don’t just read, read critically. Don’t just say “I liked this book” but think why. Don’t just toss a book aside when you don’t get along with it, but think about it.

So future me, I hope you’re challenging yourself, one review at a time, to read more consciously.

I can also be found at Castle Dune which is a blog my friend Grasy and I started together as a way to talk to each other about books. Come visit us!


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