Reading Plans for January 2017

2017 is officially in and here’s to hoping that it’s a better year than 2016. Though really, I think any year would be better than 2016.

Since I’m being very ambitious this year in terms of reading, I’m going to need some help organizing what to read. Being halfway between being a mood reader and a structured reader, I have to juggle my desire to plan out what I read and my tendency to ditch the plans and read what I want anyways.

So on the first Monday of the month, I’ll randomly choose tasks from each of the challenges I’m participating in. Those tasks are ones I’m aiming to complete for the month. However, I will not be assigning books for those tasks, which should hopefully give me enough freedom to choose books as I see fit.

For the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge, I chose tasks #13 and #15 randomly, using a random number generator. So I’ll be reading a nonfiction about technology and a YA or Middle Grade book by an author who identifies as LGBTQ. And luckily for me, Book Riot put up a post for the second task here.

And the Litsy Reading Challenge numbers are 20 and 4, so the two tasks I’ll be completing for them are: set in the 1970s and person of color memoir.

And of course, I still have the PopSugar Reading Challenge but I’ll be leaving that one completely open for mood reading choices. And to make it easy on myself, I’ll also use the books I read this month in the #LitsyAtoZ challenge.

I’ll also be finishing books that I’m carrying over from December of 2016, which are Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff and Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon by Mark Hodder. But sadly for me, I made the rule early on that any books carried over cannot be counted towards this year’s reading challenge.

Hopefully I haven’t stretched myself too thin in participating in so many challenges, but I guess this month is a good test of it.


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