Bare Bones by Bobby Bones

161168I had no idea who Bobby Bones was when I picked this book up. Or rather, when my friend picked this book for me to read.

By the end of the book, I still don’t feel like I knew Bobby Bones as a person.

Sure, Bobby Bones is chatty and informal in his approach to telling the story of his life. He makes you feel like you’ve just walked into a coffee shop and are sitting down with a friendly stranger. But that is all you’ll be to him – a friendly stranger.

To me, there was always the sense that he was keeping things back, and only giving you the superficial details. And by the end of the book, the only things I could really remember were his repeated declarations that he grew up poor, he achieved everything he is now through hard work, he wants to be genuine, and he has a hard time letting people (especially romantic interests) close.

That repetition worked for the first few times to establish his voice, but towards the end it just became tiresome. I wanted a more complicated, more nuanced discussion of who he was as a person, outside of his work. But perhaps to Bobby, his work is him.

Either way, the book was approachable and gave enough backstory for you to start building up a mental picture of Bobby Bones. I guess to find out more about him, you’ll have to listen to his radio shows?



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